My name is Clare and Seraphina Beauty is my salon. My spot is small which means I cater to each client individually and every client is valued.
I strive for excellence in service quality and customer attention.
I am a diploma qualified Beauty Therapist .
I started out with a degree in Horticultural Science. This led me into pharmaceuticals and clinical trials where I gained a lot of experience in pharmacology and medical and cosmetic science.
I made the shift into beauty therapy after having my children, a life long dream.
I love beauty therapy, and everyday still feels like play!
However beauty therapy is far from play. It is a science, and a responsibility to each client to provide a knowledgeable, carefully considered and skilled treatment. To understand the clients wants and provide them according to their physiology.
I often upskill in beauty therapy and take on work experience candidates and trainees to share my knowledge and skill base with more budding therapists.
My goal is to work with other professionals to have the industry regulated, to ensure all clients recieve quality treatments from diploma qualified therapists.

So come on by and say hi! I look forward to meeting you